About Me

My name is Aaron Covey, and I’ve been studying the healing power of Laughter since June 2014. I was certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader by my dear friend, and Laughter Yoga Teacher, Celia Farran in May of 2015.

My main specialty in teaching is stress relief and self-care, which I’ve used to build morale in the workplace through Laughter. I’ve worked with all ages and abilities, including but not limited to senior citizens and children, sometimes in the same class!

I also believe in Laughter as a metaphysical energy – to that end, I’ve led “Laughter Magic” workshops throughout Sheboygan County and the Fox Valley and beyond.

My style of teaching is very playful – I love to tap into the childlike side of everyone through a series of Laughter exercises, which are meant to cast off the inhibitions of the room and can also increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain of each and every person in the class.

I hope to use this space to explore the connections between Laughter and Spirituality. I look forward to sharing this with all of you!